Our portfolio of flexible manpower contracting services encompasses a wide range of technical disciplines on a commercially attractive basis, and includes innovative bespoke outsourcing solutions which have been specifically designed to support the most complex operational and project requirement on a truly global scale.

  • Outsourced manpower contracting solutions on a location project or regional basis.
  • Recruitment campaign management
  • Robust competency assurance and trade testing
  • Centralized e-banking payroll
  • Behavioral and English language screening
  • Wide range of bespoke in-house training, development and induction services
  • Comprehensive HR administration, insurance, medical, travel and logistics services
  • Structured employee and family welfare mechanism


The database of the competent and on call crew or staff, be it for offshore or onshore projects, are continuously updated to meet criteria of requesting organization or fleet through array of hiring procedures starting from placing a nationwide classified advertisement or receiving resolute referrals from other associated manning agencies.

All necessary medical /physical examinations, vaccinations and psychological evaluation will also be conducted. Only those with clean bill of health issued by accredited medical centers will be accepted.

Documentations will be handed adeptly, their mandatory training certificates shall be evaluated stringently and backgrounds checking of each selected candidate will be conducted as part of pre-hiring stage. Only applicant /s that passed the initial screening /pre employment process will be submitted to the requesting employer and only after being fully satisfied, the second stage of hiring will then commence.