hseEvery individual in the organization has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury free and healthy workplace. To ensure best practice and safety culture, we have developed a common set of behaviors which will be practiced at every location we operate. These behaviors are based on the strictest regulatory requirements and industry’s best practice are being introduced into all our operations.

Managed by seasoned Merchant Marine Officers, the best applied discipline is retained not only among staff but likewise on all crew members enabling them to possess the highest professional and ethical standard on their individual jobs thus making them attentive to the Client’s precise business requirements at all times.

Our Commitment

We are committed in providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for its employees, contractors, clients, customers and visitors on its premises or that of its clients. This commitment extends to ensuring that the company’s operations do not place the working community at risk of injury, property damage, and to ensuring its works are conducted in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner. Our commitment will be communicated to all employees, contractors and suppliers.

Our Standard

We will:

  • Use safe systems of work that are environmentally sustain able and supported by document procedures and audited systems.
  • Be proactive in assessing health, safety and environmental hazards for new business, new and existing work systems, practices and equipment.
  • Encourage team problem solving at all levels of the organization to implement work practices that continually improve safety, environmental standards and productivity.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards.
  • Train managers and employees to competently perform work described in safe work procedures.
  • Provide information to all employees, contractors and customers that inform them of health, safety and environment issues relevant to the company’s operations.


Management is responsible for;

  • Compliance with health, safety and environment standards.
  • Involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of procedures which incorporate health, safety and environmentally safe systems and practices.
  • Training employees and line managers in the competent performance of their assigned tasks.
  • Effectively use company resources to meet the health, safety and environment commitment.


Management and employees will participate in constructive and cooperative consultation on safety and environment matters. The organization will consult with employees and client in any workplace change that may affect their health and safety.